Plan de garantie

Guarantee Plan

For New Residential Buildings

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Reimbursement of costs

You can’t move into your home or condo on the expected date because the work hasn’t been completed? This situation may incur relocation, food, storage and moving costs. Note that you can be reimbursed by your contractor. 

Deadline for reimbursement of costs

You have a maximum of 6 months after acceptance of your new residence to send a request for reimbursement in writing to your contractor. You must also send a copy of the request to your guarantee administrator. 

How to request for reimbursement?

  1. Send a letter for reimbursement to your contractor and to your guarantee administrator along with copies of your receipts.
  2. After receiving your request, the contractor has 15 days to follow up with your claim. If he does not respond to your claim within this period, or refuses to reimburse you, you must inform the guarantee administrator in writing.
  3. The guarantee administrator will inform you about his decision regarding your request within 30 days after receiving your notice.

To find your guarantee administrator, consult Contact information for your guarantee administrator.

Be more careful!

Send your documents by registered mail so that you can keep the receipt as proof and protect your rights.