Plan de garantie

Guarantee Plan

For New Residential Buildings

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Inspection before the acceptance of the house

Before accepting your house, you must inspect it. To do so, your contractor must provide to you a predetermined checklist of elements to verify. Once the pre-acceptance inspection has been completed, you will still have 3 days to complete the checklist and add items to be corrected or completed, on the condition that you have not yet moved into your new home. Make sure to sign this list and to keep a copy of it in a safe place.

If you request additional changes or corrections on the checklist, make sure to send a copy of your revised list to your contractor and to the Guarantee Plan manager. Your contractor should complete the work and correct any defects noted on the checklist. In the event that your contractor does not do so, see Procedures for Making a Claim.

Inspecting your home in 4 steps

Here are 4 steps to complete when making a pre-acceptance inspection. With your list:

  1. Inspect your home thoroughly: You must verify whether or not all of the work agreed upon in writing with the contractor has been done, and meticulously note all elements to be completed or corrected (an improperly adjusted door, a scratch in the bathtub or on a kitchen countertop, etc.).
  2. Pay particular attention to any extra work that you have requested of your contractor.
  3. Set a time limit for completing the work and making the corrections with your contractor, and mark this date at the end of the list. Please note that this time limit should not exceed 6 months.
  4. Do not hesitate to talk to your contractor, and ask him any questions you may have. If you are not in agreement with your contractor about the work to be completed or corrected, clearly indicate this on the list.

You are not sure you have the knowledge needed to verify these elements properly? It is in your best interests to be accompanied during this very important step by an experienced person or a trained professional. Moreover, in the whirlwind of an upcoming move, a second opinion can prove to be very useful in finding all the work that needs to be completed or corrected!

RBQ checklist

Make sure that the pre-acceptance inspection checklist you receive has been provided to your contractor by the manager of the Guarantee Plan for New Residential Buildings and that it contains the phrase "Approved by the Régie du bâtiment du Québec".